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88% of spreadsheets contain errors

How many spreadsheets do you rely on?

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30 Billion of investment decisions are based on spreadsheets

5 Suggerimenti per Creare un Processo di Pianificazione Aziendale Vincente

Secondo Forrester Research, il 74% delle imprese richiede mesi, a volte un anno, per rispondere alle condizioni mutevoli del mercato… Vuoi essere più reattivo? Leggi come iniziare!

reduced to 5-10% manual data entry

John Hancock/ Manulife‘s staff reduced manual data entry to 5-10% using a central data repository and built-in checks.

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saved 40 hours creating reports

Platinum underwriters saved 40 hours of labor per quarterly report when the burden of manual control over spreadsheets, formula, and changes was automated.

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cut 30% manual work

By consolidating all disparate reporting processes into one, integrating ETL processes and automating data export and merger into Excel files, Cisalfa cut their manual work by 30%.

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Simplify Complexity

With a single data source and automated spreadsheets, Brembo manages the annual, semi-annual, quarterly statutory consolidation and monthly management reports for over 300 standard and ad hoc reports for 25 companies operating in 13 currencies.

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Improve Control

By instituting a single and automated data repository across their entire financial controlling team – 1000 planners - worldwide, Henkel assumed total control over their data and aligned their goals across the enterprise.

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reduce time and costs

In automating portfolio projection calculation, Banco Toyota do Brasil spends a mere 5 minutes on the task, yet confidently.

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